About Us

We are Ian & Sarika. Passionate about our planet and people we have created a range of ethical & eco friendly accessories which are affordable and fashionable. We work with developing countries offering them a platform to perform.

These skilled artisans have perfected their knowledge through years of traditions passed down through generations. Fast fashion is leading to mountains of post- consumer waste being produced. In turn this leads to problems such as rapid increase in damaging plastic micro fibres from polyester fabrics and artificial suede making their way into ocean eco systems.

Our fabrics are vegan, natural plant based fibres which are recyclable and biodegradable. We encourage you to love, look after and keep our bags by repairing, reusing and recycling.

We hope you enjoy your Ellyla accessory as we are so passionate about creating a more sustainable, transparent, honest and fairer future within fashion and thank you for your support.